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WasteServe Nigeria Limited We are a Climate & Insurance Tech Waste Management & Recycling Company

Cover image of WasteServe Nigeria Limited, Services environnementaux venture on VC4A

WasteServe Nigeria Ltd. We are a Tech-enabled(Climate & Insurance Tech) waste Management & Recycling Company offering sustainable, innovative and compliant solution to waste.

We are developing Climate-Tech(Waste recovery and recycling Tech) for Waste Management. its the Fusion Of Recycling, Technology and Finance. Using technology to facilitate the recovery of recyclable wastes(Plastics, Aluminum, papers, Metals,etc) in Nigeria first and then to the world.

WasteServe will facilitates the recovery of recyclable materials by providing a software-based (USSD,Web, Mobile App) recovery network, consisting of all categories in the value chain consisting of independent businesses and producers. This will provide Educational & Health insurance for our agents.

We will be glad to have you partner with us in smart waste tech. Our financial projections & Revenue Model shows we break even just in our first year 6 months of operation.

Secteurs Services environnementaux, Gestion et recyclage des déchets, Services d'eau
Emplacement Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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