Wasafiri Destination Safari Planning Mobile App

Wasafiri Destination

Wasafiri Destination

Wasafiri’ is a Swahili word meaning ‘The Traveler’. This is a destination app that provides travelers with a personal mobile based safari planning solution and ‘combo’ booking platform that allows them to create, plan, book and pay for authentic Africa safari experience. The app allows travelers to discover more of Africa with a focus on optimizing the user-experience, building traveler connectivity or community, creating value for tourism enterprises and rewarding users.

The introduction of online digital platforms for purposes of modernizing and increasing consumption of Africa tourism experiences is long overdue. Wasafiri is a unique one-of-a-kind platform which is well-positioned to open-up and transform African tourism landscape through increased awareness and discovery of Africa’s diverse attractions.

Wasafiri will initially operate from Kenya and cover 19 other African safari destinations within the next 5 years.

SectorsInformation technology, Leisure and travel, Mobile
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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