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Wage Spices Permaculture & Value addition on agricultural produce (Spices & herbs)

Cover image of Wage Spices, Crop farming venture on VC4A

Wage Farm has a unique and innovative model where 75% of our spices are sourced from local women farmers. This financially empowers them and the communities in which they live thus keeping the local economy alive. Our model embraces value addition technologies such as drying, processing, preservation techniques, packing & labeling. This improves the economic value of the farmers’ produce while enhancing the consumers appeal for our products.
Currently Uganda imports more spices than it exports and yet our climate favors their growth. Wage is therefore empowering the women groups to grow them locally. Increasing the spices export volume is a clear indicator to a rise in the sales potential. 68% of farmers have been largely subsistence and yet still producing low income crops thus living them in cycles of endless poverty. It’s these farmers that Wage is encouraging through sustainable farming, high level technology, processing & value addition to produce spices.

SectorsCrop farming, Food production, Packaging
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