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Wadani Milling Factor Budo

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Wadani Milling Factor

Wadani Milling Factor

Wadani Milling Factory (WMF) was established in 2016 in Hargeisa. The company currently employees seven full time staff. WMF is dedicated in processing, packaging and distributing high quality sorghum flour to Somaliland families. Since our founding in 2016, the company has increased its capacity from 100KG Sorghum flour processing per day to 4,000KG of Sorghum flour per day. WMF purchases a broad range of quality grains products from local and international farmer and uses diesel generators mill our products. The company has strived to be a leading supplier of sorghum flour to the customers of Hargeisa, Burco and Borama.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food production
Location Hargeisa, Somalia
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