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Vokia Farms Discover the Nutritious Difference

Cover image of Vokia Farms, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Vokia Farms

Vokia Farms

In Agotime Kpetoe, where Vokia Farms is situated; majority of the people in the area are crop farmers. The resulting incomes are low and these farmers are often unable to meet their household needs for the year.

This acute situation determines that these people remain in vicious cycle of poverty, food insecurity, and unemployment: an exodus of youth migration from the area.

Vokia farms believes our effort to grow more food add value; means we are actually contributing to solving the problem of Zero hunger and No poverty.

More so, Vokia farms value added products which falls under the brand name vokia foods helps in offering Ghanaians with rich healthy cereals loaded with nutritional benefits that are suitable for whole family.

More importantly, our value addition to indigenous Ghanaian food crops at Vokia Farms is contributing to increase the shelf life of food crops, improving nutritional values, packaging, and maintaining quality standards.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Ghana
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