Vite Kenya Pata Gas Chap Chap

Vite Kenya is a company devoted to bringing investment in technology within reach of LPG retail business owners. The company is founded on evidence that there are tremendous amount of undeserved small businesses that are in need of business solutions, but that don’t have the revenue to hire business management firms to do the work. In addition, there are so many consumers falling victims of unsafe and low quality LPG exposing them to high risks not forgetting the inefficiency in the current home delivery services system. Vite is offering both online business management solution as well an on-demand delivery platform for cooking gas (LPG), via a mobile app, Vite-LPG App. Necessitated by the hassle people go through on daily basis just to request for gas delivery; the platform runs on four values; speed, accuracy, convenience and quality. The delivery solution aggregates customers and suppliers wherein customers can place their delivery request online via the platform.