ViralGet Limited Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Agency

Brands & Agencies share similar pain points when it comes to the use of influencers for their marketing campaigns;
1. Lack of data to determine who the selected influencer audience really is.
2. Bland contents and
3. Poor management.
As such, they’re not sure on who the right influencer to use.

These are the things we’re here to solve through the availability of influencer and their audience data using our platform

The long term plan is to develop the platform such that brands & agencies can start and end their influencer marketing campaigns without the need to leave the platform. The influencer version of Fiverr/Upwork but with audience data.

Our platform currently has a database of almost 1000 influencers across different categories and we’re integrated into Twitter’s social media platform.

SectorsMarketing and PR
LocationEkoro, Nigeria
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