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Viongozi_Hustlers Ltd Recycling for a safer, cleaner & sustainable environment

Viongozi_Hustlers Ltd

Viongozi_Hustlers Ltd

Green Diesel is the name of the project ViongoziHustlers is seeking to implement. The project is about recycling of plastics and waste tires in order to reduce plastic waste menace. The project is seeking to buy a pyrolysis plant from China and basically this is a plant that digests plastics and convert the waste to Diesel, Gasoline, kerosene and leaves waste metallic wires that can be recycled further.

Viongozi hustlers is a venture seeking to reduce unemployment and to gold plate waste handling business so that many can embrace it. Waste handling especially in third world countries is regarded as a venture for the less fortunate in the society and the street families. The unskilled force does more damage that solve the problem whenever they use the little knowledge they have to dispose the wastes. Most of it ends up being burnt increasing smog that has its fatalities to both plants and animals further degrading the environment.
The business will increase margins and attract

Sectors Environmental services, Green transportation and electric motors, Renewable energy
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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