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Victoria Organic Free from chemical processes and substances

We are a family-owned micro company dedicated to the care and harvest of apple plots of the apple (variety of apple characterized by being more acidic, having more nutrients and pectin). The plot also has plantings of quince, orange, varieties of lemon, palta, peach, plum, grape, tomato, pear, locoto, flowers, vegetables and spices several. Carefully cared for free of chemical substances, so we obtained the certification SPG # 017011204 of 100% organic production.
Focused on the health and well-being of the population, we transform our crops into: Apple Vinagre with mother bacteria, fruit and vegetable sanitizer based on vinegar, fruit nectar (various), jam, dehydrated fruit, frozen fruit pulp, liquor, jelly, puree, teas and infusions, fruit meat and pastry.
Production consents is our strength to continue contributing and contributing in a positive way in the health of society.
We’re ecofriendly.

Sectors Food and beverage, Food production
Location Quillacollo, Bolivia
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