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Vertable Ltd. Revolutionizing African Food Security

Cover image of Vertable Ltd., Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Due to global warming and rapid climate change, Africa and the rest of world are facing extreme drought which is the main cause of food insecurity crisis, malnutrition and wasting, chronic poverty, famine, and high mortality rate in infants.
Food insecurity causes social unrest, people respond by deforestation and soil degradation, overgrazing, over-cultivation and use of harmful pesticides that contaminate water.
Growing distance between farmland and consumers. damages produce before they reach customers not forgetting increased CO2 emission main cause of global warming.

Aquaponics. combination of conventional fish farming, the soilless growing of plants through vertical farming, and Urban bee-keeping in a symbiotic environment. It offers improved space optimization and 100 percent more yield than traditional farming. Veritable provides fish meat, vegetables, fruits and honey that goes to the market.
Clean energy supply from self-generated and renewable e

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming, Fish farming
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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