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Vectorgram Health Vectorgram builds Breast Cancer ai-diagnosis Tools.

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Vectorgram Health

Vectorgram Health

Vectorgram is on a mission to save the lives of 70M African Women through early Breast Cancer diagnosis.
Founded in Kenya, where 7 women die every day from Breast Cancer, early diagnosis is a critical need that Vectorgram is best placed to solve with a team of repeat founders whose expertise spans Machine Learning, Medicine and Software Engineering.
Vectorgram’s AI Diagnosis is the best performing AI Model of its kind globally; accessible anywhere in the world from the online platform.
Vectorgram is seeking seed funding as well as introductions to healthcare facilities willing to test and adopt our diagnosis tools. Join us on our mission to safeguard the lives of 70 Million African women through early breast cancer diagnosis. Reach out to us on today.

LocationNairobi, Kenya
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