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Vawter Hydrating Our Society

South Africa has been facing one of biggest water crisis in our lifetime and studies have shown in City Umhlathuze that people are consuming water with high chlorine levels on daily basis that make people act as a filter which make people prone to diseases such as cancer. Vawter we harvesting water from the air using atmospheric water generator off Grid system that uses no chemicals water harvested its superior health and environmentaly friendly.We harvesting water from the air using atmospheric water generator. Opportunity for South African township to have access clean safe affordable drinking water with low environmental footprint, we harvest / Produce water where its consumed people need not to travel to town to have clean affordable drinking water. We contributing to economy,health and environment.
Vawter this water tastes great – a taste that consumers remember and look for time and again.
*high quality water, in the right quantity at the right place at the right time

SectorsWater treatment
LocationRichards Bay, South Africa
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