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Userlance Africa

Userlance Africa

As a company, we believe that the basic drivers of every economy in the long term are education and businesses. After several years of studies, we can confidently state that the problems we identified with Africa’s socio-economic developments are due to the current educational system and the business environment.

Generally, the method of education available in Africa is outmoded because of the absence of modern technology and the latest human interaction and teaching methodologies. In the long run, this has a massive effect on the type of graduates we produce, how well they would perform at what they were trained and certified, the types of businesses they would build, and how those businesses would compete on a global scale. 

With regards to businesses, it would be very fair to say that setting up a new business in an industry where the already existing businesses are still struggling to sustain, is a hard thing to do. Also, Lack of technology that
 can create an available space for everyone to set up their businesses, work or collaborate with other businesses and experts without any challenges is one of the key problems that every business in Africa faces.

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