Usena Trading Pty Ltd We are subsistence small scale Aquaponics Farmers

1. 70% of our South African families are food insecure and do not have access to sufficient, quality of affordable nutritious food. 2. 6% ( about 5 mil ) of South African population is undernourished and 27% of Children under the age of 5 are stunted. 3. More than 30% of our people are at the risk of hunger and 30% more have already experienced hunger in one of another. Our Vision is to eradicate hunger & Malnutrition by providing affordable alternative forms of protein (fish) and healthier & fresher Vegetables through Aquaponics Farming. Our seas are over fished globally and Aquaponics is growing and providing more fish worldwide. We seek US$250 000 to setup a Aquaponics farm Complete in return for 30% Equity.

Stage Startup stage EST May 2013
Sectors Crop farming, Fish farming, Packaging
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Markets Botswana, South Africa, Zambia
Customer model B2B2C, B2C
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