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United Resource Area Farms The agricultural revolution

Cover image of United Resource Area Farms, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

In 2019, Cameroon imported 850 tons of wheat flour. Owing therefore to this ever increasing demand for imported wheat, URA Farms saw not only the availability of a market but as well an opportunity which could be explored by the provision of a substitute product ( plantain and yam flour ) all in a bit to partially absorb the national wheat flour demand. The absence of gluten in plantain flour, its high nutritive value in terms of vitamin A, B, magnesium and phosphorous is a perfect substitute for persons who are unable to digest the gluten in wheat flour, and moreover, it is suitable for consumption by those suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. An estimated two million persons in Cameroon are either type 1 or type 2 diabetes patients. In this regard therefore, we at URA Farms firmly believe that contributing in the provision of healthy and affordable food products with all natural ingredients will go a long way to satisfying the dietary habits of diabetes patients.

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming
Location Bonaberi, Cameroon
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