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Venture Profile UMU CHUKS BUSINESS VENTURES image of Hens Egg Production White Leghorn Layer House

Umu Chuks Business Ventures ensures that food security available in this nation by making our farm produce accessible, Affordable and available to every home in this nation.
We try to eradicate food insecurity and poverty. We are creating zero hunger in the community.
We intend to produce high quality and quantity of food, eggs and Chickens for human consumption and industrial uses.
There are quite a great number of things that are highly needed by man as a nutritious source of food that is gotten from the poultry. Chief amongst them is the egg. Poultry farms all over the world has egg as one of its primary produce and that is why people will continue to look to poultry farms to churn this out. It is for this reason that it can be said that poultry business has come to stay.
Umu Chuks Business Ventures is a farm focused on both egg and meat production that provides for a large market range. It also produces manure as a by-product. It is based in Ibadan city

LocationBerlin, Nigeria
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