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UG Tickets

UG Tickets

The recreation and entertainment industry is one of Uganda’s largest industries; a major driver of employment and foreign exchange, contributing over $5 billion to the nation’s GDP but yet still remains unevolved in areas like ticketing.
Despite hundreds of events happening every month, there has been minimal adoption of new & modern methods of ticketing in the industry.
UG Tickets presents a Simple, friendly and convenient online platform that helps organizers sell event tickets using cashless methods of Mobile Money & card, monitor the transactions in real-time and easily check-in customers using our app.
Our platform makes it easy for businesses to:
Document transactions using our online dashboard for accountability
Receive their earnings using Mobile Money
Check-in tickets using our app to eliminate fraud
Configure seat arrangements to avoid disorganization
Deliver tickets electronically to save the environment
Design tickets online to cut costs

Sectors Adtech, Clean technology, E-commerce, Environmental services, Fintech, Internet, Internet of things (IoT), Online payment processing
Location Nakawa, Uganda
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