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UF FARMS Enterprises Agriculture at it's peak....

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My innovation have improved the food-system by:-

1. Promotion of food security by improving in the availability and accessibility of our products and service.
2. Production of healthy animals and quality crops for human consumptions.
3. By growing food safely through integrating the health of plants and animals, which can help discourage antimicrobial resistance and cut down the 700,000 people who die from antimicrobial- resistant infections every year.
4. Great variety of products through creativity and innovative ideas and strategy.
5.Improved nutrition by increasing the productivity of our animals and Services.
6. Shift to more sustainable diet of less intake of cholesterol by the majoring and rearing of Snails in UF FARMS ENTERPRISES.
7. We prepare food and grow crops by the practicing of WHO 5 keys to safer food.
8. There will be a decrease in circulation of vicious and chronic diseases in the society.

SectorsAnimal farming, Consulting and business development, Crop farming, Fish farming, Food production
LocationAbakaliki, Nigeria
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