Twenifo Technologies Ltd We offer salary advances as an employee benefit to employers in Kenya

One thing that’s certain about adult life is that it is expensive.From paying rent,school fees ,transportation and more all add up.So what are you to do when income timing does not match your cash flow needs?That’s why we built MYNGOVO, a flexible and low-cost option for wage workers to access part of their salaries throughout the month for their consumption needs. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics there are 2.7 million wage workers in Kenya with an average pay of Ksh 59,000, this provides an opportunity for our business to serve low-income earners without them having to take up costly loans that might leave them over indebted and with a negative pay cycle.

Stage Startup stage EST July 2019
Sectors Financial services, Fintech
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya
Customer model B2B
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