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Twalima agro Re-inventing energy systems in agriculture

Cover image of Twalima agro, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Despite the Government of Zambia’s commitment to achieving universal electricity access by 2030, significant challenges persist in the rural areas where access to clean cooking energy remains limited. The current electricity generation capacity in Zambia heavily relies on hydro sources, leading to disparities in access between urban and rural populations. With only 4% of the rural population having access to power, there is an urgent need to address the energy gap and provide sustainable and clean cooking energy solutions for rural communities.
Furthermore, the reliance on traditional cooking fuels, such as firewood and charcoal, contributes to deforestation, indoor air pollution, and health risks. The improper management of animal manure further compounds the environmental and health challenges faced by livestock farmers. This calls for an innovative solution that can empower rural farmers to efficiently convert animal waste into clean cooking energy.

Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy
Location Mazabuka, Zambia
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