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Tu Mapa Del Ciclo Atonomy, sexual and reproductive health of women,

Women’s sexual health is largely part of self-knowledge about their body and physiological processes. The menstrual cycle is not limited to reproductive topics, the proper functioning of this process affects in a systemic way and impacts on other processes that determine the health status of a person.

The menstrual cycle is recognized by many health professionals as a fifth vital sign, which is necessary to study and know in depth to be able to assure and promote the health and satisfaction of the sexual rights of women.

My project focuses on providing sex education and teaching a methodology that allows monitoring the cycle, the physical and hormonal processes that detonate it, this in order for women to appropriate and care for their health, know how to distinguish what is normal from what is not, normalize their physiological processes, honor their body and manage their fertility in a sustainable way for them, and the environment.

SectorsSexual and reproductive health and rights
LocationCiudad de México, Mexico
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