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Truthshare is a platform that helps users curb issues of depression and unstable mental health by providing a free writing tool where users can express themselves anonymously and also get access to licensed & certified counselors. On the platform, users get advice for free from other users that have passed through similar depression or scenarios. While access to certified & licensed counselors can come with a fee. Counselors subscribe to remain listed on the platform.

Depression is rising around the world: WHO identifies it as the planet’s leading cause of disability, and found that cases skyrocketed 18.4 percent between 2005 and 2015.

Nigeria is by far Africa’s most depressed country already, with 7 million people diagnosed with the condition, according to WHO.

The platform encourages users to write about anything bothering them that they will not have been comfortable sharing with their friends or family.

StageIdea/Concept stage EST May 2019
LocationPort Harcourt, Nigeria
Customer modelB2C
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