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Truss Ugavi Limited Delivering supply chain solutions enhanced by tech & advisory to msme


* Azukaego Chukwuelue
She is the Managing Director who is C-Suite executive with a track record of 20+ years of helping organizations rethink their Supply Chain structures, proffering solutions and building business systems with a focus on sustainability, profitability, and revenue growth.

* Abibat Ogundeji
She is a Customer Service Logistics Professional with 7 years of experience serving as the Business Development Associate with Truss. She has proven experience in guiding teams through service improvement and independently identifies and claim opportunities while being goal oriented. S

* Aladelusi Adesola
She is the Business Development Associate with Truss Ugavi Limited. As a seasoned Projects Manager with 3 years+ experience across supply chain, advisory, and non-profit, she constantly ideates, plans, designs, and maps out projects towards optimizing organizational objectives that cut across capability building, recruitment, business optimization, and strategy developm