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Trash Monger Limited Trash Monger is waste collection and recycling business

According to the World Bank What a Waste Report, 1% of people in urban communities work in the informal waste sector. In the absence of access to formal waste management systems, household adopt indiscriminate methods which mostly includes some informal collectors picking up waste routinely for a negligible charge. Trash Monger’s solution leverages on this existing network, but optimizes it by encouraging and rewarding the waste collectors to sort the recyclable wastes. We also advocate for households to sort their wastes directly. Our collection model combines direct buy backs from dumpsites, collection from communities, and purchase of industrial pre-consumer waste from FMCGs companies, the collected waste is transported to our processing facility where they are sorted, cleaned and baled for shipping to our customers who turn them into new materials.

Sectors Waste management and recycling
Location Masaka, Nigeria
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