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TrackAm ensuring safety for you and your loved ones

Cover image of TrackAm, Artificial intelligence venture on VC4A



Over the past 6 months, our team has been able to successfully plan and build the TrackAm app for citizen safety and security. Our systems design has been tested and proven to improve safety as well as proven to be of high efficiency and demand.

We are a Nigerian startup, with one of the country’s best solutions to citizen safety security and emergency. An app that keeps track of users’ whereabouts as well as that of their loved ones. It also signals users when their loved ones are in an SOS situation, providing them with all the necessary tools they could use to control the situation.

At present, our app is ready for use with over 2000 downloads since its first soft launch by 1, June 2020. We are confident that the competitive cost of our app and useful features would make it a leading product in the safety and security industry.

SectorsArtificial intelligence, Information technology, Mobile
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