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Tracefan Limited Commercial sale of grilled green mealies in urban cities

Cover image of Tracefan Limited, Food and beverage venture on VC4A

I sell grilled green mealies. This business has not been formalized and commercialized. The idea is to start with mobile units that has inbuilt facilities to grill fresh maize. Target market is recreational parks around the city and alongside public roads. Long term goals are to open food outlets that specializes on grilled fresh mealies. Profit is made through selling the grilled mealies at USD $0.5 each, a dozen(12 cobs) is bought at $2 then charcoal for grilling is bought for $1 which can grill upto 5 dozens. Hence per dozen 12 cobs × $0.5= $6. Costs for dozen are $2 plus charcoal $0.2 making a total of $2.2. Net profit = $6-$2.2= $3.8.
Per day a minimum of 10 dozen can be sold. This gives a profit of $38 per day with high potential to double when several marketing strategies are implemented.The product can make as much as 157% profit.

Sectors Food and beverage
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
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