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Toys with Roots Celebrating African children

Toys with Roots is building Fun and creative Toy solutions that enable Parents of African children and those seeking to promote diversity to Access a wide range of products that represent and celebrate African children by Making a wide range of products available for retailers to meet this demand.

We believe that all children have a right to representation. African children need to identify with as well as see themselves in the songs that they sing, in the books that they read, in the toys that they engage with and in the media that they consume.

Problem: +90% of the toys on retail shelves in South Africa represent 9% of the population. There is a lack of
representation and diversity within the toy and play space, where the majority of children (being black) have limited range of toys that affirm who they are.

Solution: We are in the business of creating toys that represent and celebrate African children AND making them accessible.

SectorsEducational products, Specialty retail, Wholesale
LocationKempton Park, South Africa
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