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Togo Cargo Logistics digital platform


Every person in our team is key people. As a startup, we don’t work as traditional business but we involve every employee in the management of the company. Togo Cargo has 2 founders that set up the strategic plan of the company but our employees are the key people. The administrative assistant when receiving the requests for quotations, transfer them to the operations agents who play a crucial role as they are the executers. They treat the requests, reply to the clients then when the deals are closed, they go to airport or port for operations. It is a chain well established and each employee play a vital role to make it work.
At Togo Cargo, the company belongs to all the employees and we frequently involve them in the decisions we make. The director Wilfried is surrounded by professional women who take part in the decisions. All the decisions are not taken solely by the director and we organize once a week, a meeting with all the employees to talk about the challenges of the company