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Thorium organic foods We are an Organic foods company.

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Thorium organic foods has been conducting its research on a 7Acre farm in Nyandarua county and Kiambu county, for the last several years with the aim of contracting farmers for five years for the production of various Organic products . We aim to be a second party organic certification body which has developed a set of standards, and which awards use of our logo if individuals or companies comply with the standards. The Tracker is a hard copy which will be sold to farmers across the country since it also helps in gaining Insight into the Well-being of one’s Farm Operations, Possible Future Growth and the Direction your Farm is Taking which in turn enhances on accountability and efficiency, hence guaranteeing them market if they observe the measures outlined. The final stage of the Tracker is an app development which will enhance on Trace-ability,service delivery, efficiency and accountability.

Sectors Agribusiness, Agrichemicals, Crop farming
Location Kenya
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