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The Qu-Be Crypto inspired Virtual Reality Shopping mall built on blockchain

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The Qu-Be

The Qu-Be

Inspired by the Rubik’s Cube and its simplistic complexity, The Qu-Be is web based online virtual shopping mall. With an interface resembling that of a 3-Dimensional digital Rubik’s Cube, every block of the cube represents an online store. Every store will have its own graphical interface designed according to the client’s requirement or specification and users/online shoppers will be able to view the store in a 360-degree view.
The store’s contents should very much resemble that of its brick & mortar predecessor or whatever the client requires their store to be. Businesses or clients will lease their online stores with month to month or yearly subscriptions as an alternative to their heavy lease agreements without the expensive overhead costs. This will also be in accordance and adherence to the social distancing prohibition laws and lockdown regulations.
Users/online shoppers will be able to visit their favorite stores in our very own virtual shopping mall with traditional pa

Sectors Blockchain, Information technology, Virtual reality
Location Gqeberha, South Africa
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