The Protein Brewery Commercializing novel food proteins produced by fungal fermentation

The Protein Brewery has developed a novel mycoprotein source that can be produced from carbohydrate rich non allergenic, water efficient feedfstocks such as sugar cane, sugar beet, potato, corn and cassava. Due to the simple nature of the brewing process and subsequent drying process, the product can be produced globaly on a local feedstock basis making people less dependant on imports of soybean or other protein sources. The product can be produced 3x more efficient than soybean, beingthe reference best protein crop on the world today, and due to inefficiency of animal chain, if the product called Fermotein is applied in vegan applications has a 10-30x higher efficiency than meat production per hectare. The aminoacid profile of Fermotein exactly resembles that of meat and is mucxh more nutritious than soybean and fava and pea proteins. The production is costefficient as at scale costprice will resemble soybean protein price. The Protein Brewery wants to produce and sell globally.

SectorsFood production
LocationBreda, Netherlands
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