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The Polly Foundation Towards a healthier and Sustainable Community

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At The Polly Foundation we practice and train the community in best practices of sustainable organic farming.
In Siaya county and in Kenya as a whole, we have witnessed reduced crop yields due to nutrient depletion and loss of soil biodiversity. Non regenerative farming practices have caused the problems over the long term but more recently the
over-use of agro chemicals as fertilizer and pest controls have made the problems worse.
We believe organic farming offers an alternative that eliminates environmental crisis caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.
Instead of using petroleum derived chemicals to fertilize and protect crops, farmers learn to see more natural alternatives.
They learn how to use natural composts and mulches that recycle nutrients and control pests and weeds. They lean about compainon planting and permaculture.

At The Polly Foundation, our goal is to
shift towards the health and wellbeing of the community. To restore the culture in agricultur

Sectors Crop farming, Educational services, Environmental services
Location Siaya, Kenya
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