The Nut Place Ventures Agribusiness, processing of nuts

The Nut Place Ventures processes nuts into organic food products that promote healthy living using automation technology at affordable prices. In a nutshell, Go Nuts! Some of our success stories include introducing the Tiger Nut flour which has received great reviews across health and wellness groups, people who desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The brand also has her products in major health and organic shops within the Lagos metropolis. Our products are 100% organic and are produced under strict hygienic conditions while utilizing technology to make production easier. With almost everyone making decisions on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, change of diets, The Nut Place has redefined how inclusion of nut based meals can help achieve that result. The brand also produces food products that are wholly organic and gluten free using automation technology.

Stage Unknown EST February 2014
Sectors Agribusiness
Location Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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