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The Jackfruit Co SA Vegan range of Jackfruit based sauces, pastas, pizza toppings and pies

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The meat alternative industry is fast growing but frought with highly processed “me too” products that lack innovation. Our products fill a gap in the market for a more natural, not ultra processed meat alternative product that are authentic in taste and provide health benefits. Our lead ingredient is Jackfruit which has a natural meaty texture and is high in vitamin, mineral and antioxidants. Due to the odourless and flavourless nature of Jackfruit, it has the ability to take on the flavour of any sauce it is combined with providing a great platform for natural meat alternative products. The range is a first to South Africa with no direct competition, is highly innovative, convenient, versatile and offers products beyond the standard “patty, sausage, mince, nugget etc” to better suit consumers needs. Jackfruit has a natural meaty texture and does not contain soy or gluten which is an added advantage as either of these ingredients are found in most meat alternative products.

SectorsFood production, Retail and wholesale, Specialty retail
LocationDolphin Coast, South Africa
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