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The A’s Creative Hub Creatives, impact, Education, culture and Peace building

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Aliey Abbas Abubakar is a creative writer who’s also an Aviator and someone who advocates for Peace and Humanity. He’s the founder of The A’s Creative Hub (TACH). Aliey Abbas grew up amidst family dramas whilst trying to keep a balance between growing through life and meeting up to family standards.

Aliey Abbas started up as writer back at high school, then he birth to his Diary… in his diary he wrote about his family experiences and his encounter with people outside. Then seeing the increases in lack of attention parents give to their children, he decided to turn his diary into a book “The Antidote To A Toxic Life”. Which he has been writing for a little over 12 years now.

In his book he narrates the idea of peace building in a home and it’s effect in the society. He helps creates a balance between kids and their parents. His book is Phenomenal as it unravels the hidden complicated issues that needs to be addressed in the society to build a better world.

Sectors Arts, Film production, Media production
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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