Tendo Tendo enables anyone in Africa to sell online with zero capital

Tendo enables anyone in Africa to sell online with zero capital.

At the moment, people who want to sell online need to save money, visit hundreds of suppliers to find a trusted one, and risk losing their capital by stocking up inventory. Beyond this, they need to incur costs for logistics and warehousing. We eliminate all that.

Resellers browse through our catalog and find products. They then add their profit margins to the products and share them on social media. Once a customer places an order, we deliver the item, collect cash, and transfer the profit to the reseller’s mobile money wallet.

We launched in January 2021 and we’ve onboarded 1109 users through referrals and made sales of $13800(growing 30% month on month). We got into the YC interview round last year even before our launch. And we were one of the 10 companies worldwide to win the YC build sprint $10k grant

Tendo is shaping digital commerce in Africa by putting selling power in the hands of everyday users.

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LocationAccra, Ghana
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