Teheca Connecting new mothers to qualified nurses for postnatal care support



Teheca is a health-tech company that’s focused on reducing the high mortality rates of mothers and babies in developing and underdeveloped countries by increasing uptake of postnatal care services among new mothers.

Healthcare is the most important industry in the world and even more so in Africa with an estimated 1.2 billion people. Each year at least 1.16 million newborns die in sub-Saharan Africa within the first 28 days of life yet more than two thirds of these infants could be saved with low cost, low tech action.

Through simple mobile applications like USSD and SMS the team at Teheca is carrying out educational activities to make mothers aware of the importance of postnatal care and also carryout remote diagnosis through telemedicine, send free sms reminders to mothers about postnatal days and baby important days as well as conduct physical postnatal care sessions in groups for low income earners and privately for a section of mothers that want in home care.

SecteursSoins de santé, Fournisseurs et services de soins de santé, Technologie de l'information
EmplacementKampala, Ouganda
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