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Tecnoideas We dream it

The company Tecnoidea was born before the need to develop technological solutions to the population of Bolivia in order to give it greater comfort, security and time saving through software, hardware and applications at this time we intend to give solution to one of the main problems that the city of Santa Cruz is like to be the urban parking.
It is more difficult to find spaces in the street and avenue to park cars and/or motorcycles especially within the city of Santa Cruz, besides the rigorous police and municipal control with the engrampados and trailers with cranes of the offenders this greatly damages the citizenry since there are no signs.
This is why the company developed a digital tool to find a parking lot available near the destination to which the person is heading in addition to giving a warning when the person parking in an improper place.

SectorsPersonal transport, Smart city solutions, Software as a Service
LocationSanta Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
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