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TechnoCarbon Building the future using sustainable, high-performance materials

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The TechnoCarbon Net-Zero Deal for the next decade will lead to TechnoCarbon Negative Emissions after 2030. We use Negative Emission Technologies to removed embedded carbon from materials manufacturing. Here is the deal:
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In a nutshell: TechnoCarbon offers a Net-Zero Deal now in this sense:

As follows:
1. Divide by 10 emissions now compared to the competition
2. Offer compensation of the remaining emissions for the next 10 years
3. Achieve carbon neutrality before 2030 (net zero carbon LCA)
4. Achieve carbon negativity (creating a new carbon sink) before 2040 (using carbon negative fiber and minerals thanks to our MineralFiberSink technology, patent pending)
KPIs: 40% operational margin and breakeven by 2023, net margin: 12%

Sectors Clean technology, Construction, Manufacturing
Location Paris, France
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