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Tchoutchou Bus APP Solutions Tchoutchou Your School Bus Tracking App

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Nowadays children security during bus transportation is in the heart of parents, schools and fleet manager preoccupation.

School bus transportation is used to transport student back and forth schools on a daily basis. Parents are worried and feel anxiety about their school going children, schools’ transport manager need to ensure school bus safety, plan and execute the transportation route and budget.

Tchou-Tchou is a school bus tracking solution to parents and school authorities to create a safe and efficient school bus management. Tchou-Tchou is a complete solution for ensuring school transportation safety and better fleet management.

Tchou-tchou parents App : Parents can track real time bus transportation and get notified when your kid is picked up/dropped off.

School Bus Manager cloud based software : a paperless solution to make school fleet management safer and easier.

SectorsSoftware as a Service, Transport and logistics
LocationTunis, Tunisia
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