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Tau Seamless cross-border transactions

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Bitcoin able to unify people to have alternative value exchange that beyond country restriction and not needed central bank to manage it as the decentralized money. And the best about it, it is tax less. Government cannot subject Bitcoin to tax. But the volatility Bitcoin, it is far to be a reliable alternative as daily value exchange. In addition to it, some country banned to use Bitcoin for transactions.

Furthermore, the cross-border money transfer is convoluted and subjected with many administration fee impose by bank and the financial service related to it.

Our current system of banking with fiat money and cryptocurrency are still vulnerable with scammers. Once the user fall into scammers trap, the user cannot get back their money.

A medium that offer cashless cross border money transfer from small amount that it is ineffectively accommodate by Bitcoin.

Sectors Banking, Remittance
Location Semarang, Indonesia
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