T-Telecom for projects T-Drive Ride Sharing fleet Green Energy Strategic Project in Egypt

– Car hailing service provider through a mobile App that will help you order an EV car with discounted price and only 10% commission on rides from drivers, plus saving the planet by decreasing carbon emissions
– The project shall start with majority of fuel cars & minority of EV’s then the number of EV’s shall be increased gradually on the network
– Business streams shall start immediate after the launch with some Telecom vendors & operators to provide the service of transportation to their field engineers with good price
– Project shall start in Cairo for a while then shall expand to cover Alexandria & Delta Region then other regions till covering all over Egypt
– EV’s charging shall be secured with EV chargers provided by the company in addition to the existing EV charging networks to secure the charging on big areas & roads.
– Market in Egypt is big enough to host several Ride sharing fleet service providers
– Economic status in Egypt is improving more & m

SectorsElectric utilities, Renewable energy
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