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Syka Banking made easy

Cover image of Syka, Financial services venture on VC4A

Africa is a home to about 1.37 billion people, and about 57% of the people remains unbanked or do not have access to any formal bank accounts. Hence, inability to participate actively in economy activities which has a direct tie the growth of a country. Narrowing it down to Ghana, a population of about 30.8 million as at December 2021, which still has 43% of population as unbanked even with internet penetration rate at 60%.This is due to major gaps within the financial ecosystem as stated below.

1.Difficulty in accessing banking services
2.Terrible customer service
3.high and expensive products from traditional banks
4.Difficulty in getting access to credit facilities by SMEs
5.visiting branch banks have become inconvenient as customers behaviour get sophisticated.

Our Solution
1.Providing an easy way for people to get access to banking services and owning free bank accounts through Syka app and web
2.Enabling SMEs get access to credit facilities with very simple process.

SectorsFinancial services, Fintech
LocationAccra, Ghana
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