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Sydsel Africa Enterprises Producer of alternative proteins, plant-based proteins and processing

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Kenya like other African countries faces a major challenge of feeding its current and projected population. With the population projected to increase from 54 million in 2022 to 86 million people in 2050, the demand for food products is projected to grow by over 250%.
Sydsel Africa is a Kenyan registered company that has been dealing in food and agri-food products. Two years ago, the management made a decision to focus on alternative proteins. The company is therefore now dealing in plant-based proteins, fermentation driven proteins, crops development, ingredients formulation, end product development and processing. We have developed 1st and 2nd prototypes for meat, chicken and fish alternatives to replace those from conventional sources. We have developed 1st, 2nd and now 3rd prototypes for 3D scaffold proteins and have partnered with Cult Corporation from Canada to process the Scaffolds for companies they have invested in globally. We also deals in fresh/dried fruits and vegetables.

LocationNairobi, Kenya
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