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Sustainable Farming Solutions Malawi A land restoration, conservation extension service enterprise.

Land conversion for agriculture is one of the largest drivers of deforestation in Malawi. Being an agro-based economy with 85% of the population relying on agriculture, the problem only intensifies. Market pressures force farmers in Malawi to intensify agriculture and focus on short-term investment returns which lead to land degradation. With degraded soils, farmers are forced to supplement their farming income through over-exploitation of natural resources which adversely affects the environment. Similarly, 52% of the rural population in Malawi are women who play a huge role in natural resource management and are significant users of community forests and farms. At SFS our vision is to provide small-holder farmers with extension services, ready markets, profitable and customized and sustainable interventions to natural resources management that give way to regenerative or restorative farming systems.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Agritech, Services environnementaux
Emplacement Mzuzu, Malawi
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