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I am startup online business open-up a drop-shipping store with Shopify which I just launched recently In Namibia, we are being left behind by the developed world mainly because of lack of awareness of the existence of e-commerce and its potential advantages. Even in cases where we may be aware of its existence, the application software, which is used in this area, is expensive and not easily affordable by small businesses. Another problem is that some small businesses cannot be able to use e-commerce when they are struggling to sustain themselves economically. The specific case presented in this thesis is that of mushroom growers in Namibia. The reason for me to start this fundraiser is to raise some working capital since this business platform we pay for (Ads) Advertisement like Facebook, TikTok Instagram Ads and APPs which helping the store to work smoothly, so it can make passive income every month, Online Store not necessary that I have all my products presented in a physical

Sectors E-commerce
Location Milwaukee, Namibia
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