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Sungku The easy payment option

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“Is it the currency?” In Maroua and in the Cameroonian cities, the issue is spread several times a day in grocery stores, pharmacies, and public transport.

The lack of coins is a huge obstacle to commercial transactions. This sometimes even causes clashes between sellers and buyers. (We remember the story of the gendarme and the Finex), and the Startup SUNGKU came up with the idea of devising a solution to this capital problem of small money.

The solution is in a mobile application and a service, it allows to exchange small sums of money between merchants, taximen, people… SUNGKU is the service of mobile payment and transfer of money, it allows its users to deposit money on their account associated with their mobile number.

SectorsBanking, Financial services, Fintech
LocationGaroua, Cameroon
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