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Suitch SAS Empowering Youth in Africa with mobile money

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Suitch SAS

Suitch SAS

SuiTch is the mobile money platform for the Z Generation in Africa.
The idea for us is to provide the youth in Africa with financial literacy and help them streamline their financial transactions between them and between them and all the merchants or institutions who wish to address them.
Our core feature is the mobile payment. We want our community to make their current transactions in a very funny and efficient way.
In order to gather our community in our application and raise the activation rate, we added some features around the mobile payment such as :
• In Chat money transfer to facilitate transactions,
• In Chat money pots to ease funds collection,
• A social give away network to empower the community,
• Automatic cashback when paying through our merchant’s network,
• Geolocation of promotions and discounts of our merchant’s network,
• Budget management with financial tips and advices…

LocationDouala, Cameroon
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