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StreetViad Leave a mark

Cover image of StreetViad, Hospitality venture on VC4A

StreetViad is a ubiquitous platform that brings convergence between the virtual world and the physical world. It allows users to create and manage virtual spaces that can be viewed in the physical world using Augmented Reality. The current StreetViad was born out of a refinement process where we stumbled upon the realization that there is a deep connection we humans have with the love of leaving marks in special places we visit. It was founded in 2016 and in 2021 a new direction of leaving a mark was born to serve our love of leaving marks.

Our vision is to create StreetViad to be the go-to platform that gives you the ability you need when you discover an interesting place upon visiting to mark it and always stay connected to that space and its activities around keeping you, your friends and your followers updated with current trends in that location.

The mission is To help people create easily sharable excitingly enhanced physical world experiences around their virtual spaces.

Sectors Hospitality, Leisure and travel, Retail
Location Boksburg, South Africa
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