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Start Right Nutrition Limited Sustainable food recipes to nourish children.

Cover image of Start Right Nutrition Limited, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Start Right Nutrition Limited

Start Right Nutrition Limited

Start Right Nutrition Limited is a profit-making nutrition-oriented institution . At Startright Nutrition limited we process an all natural cereals for Babies between the ages of 6months to 5years to combat malnutrition. We focus on adding value to food ingredients in Ghana that easily go waste to achieve our end products for Babies.
Using my country Ghana as a case study , close to one in every five children under 5 years is stunted while one in every ten children under 5 is underweight.  Almost 2 in 3 children between six months and two years of age are not fed food that supports their rapidly growing bodies and brains. Poverty, unequal access to resources, Low status and education of women as well as over dependence on over processed foods and sugary beverages has further worsened the situation. Startright Nutrition limited develops Nutritious Baby Food Cereals to supply to over 10 Regions in Ghana through 15 avenues. We currently have over 50000 caregivers as customers.

Sectors Agribusiness, Business services, Manufacturing
Location Ogbodjo, Ghana
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